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Coloured hair extension carlton tips- Prevent your natural hair from getting damaged

People these days do a lot of styles with their hairs, they tend to experiment a lot with their hairs which leads to one common problem and that is hair damage. Well, to keep up with the trend people who do not have sufficient hair opt for coloured hair extension carlton but they don't know what effect it can have on their scalp. Well if you don't want to to be a victim of hair damage then do consider the tips of this article very seriously.

hair extensions carlton
hair extensions carlton

Knowing about some common issues to hair extension

Alopecia- You might have heard the term several times, well this common problem happens due to waiving in extensions. When the weave is very tight it tugs your natural hair and thus damaging your hair to cause hair loss. In some cases, it also gives rise to issues like bald patches and this looks very bad on your scalp.
Contact dermatitis- Well the colored extension is attached to your hair with the help of glue but do you know what adverse effect the glue can have on your scalp? Well, just because of the glue allergic reaction like contact dermatitis take place. Some of the common symptoms with this problem are itchiness, red rash etc.
Headache – Yes color extension can also give rise to a headache. When the colored hair extension is attached too close to the scalp then this problem is felt by most of the people. As the extension is attached closely to the scalp so it pulls the natural hair giving rise to headaches.
Information- Your hair extension carlton will get tangles at some point in time and that will be the major cause of inflammation. When you brush your hair you will see that they caught in tine and this gives rise to inflammation.
Even after having so many negative sides they still remain a popular choice among most of the people. As it adds instant volume to your hair so people have chosen this option over others. Well, at some point in time you can also opt for artificial extension and add bright colour to give a voluminous look to your hair.
As this is related to your hair and skin you must be very conscious about the benefits and hazards of these cosmetic products that it can have on your scalp. As it is related to hair the possible threat it can do is damaging your hair. So you have to be extra careful before choosing the product as hair damages take a lot of time to repair.

Why choose them

If you want to keep yourself in a safe side then you can choose the hair extension carlton from RAW ELEMENT. The products are naturally made and do not contain any harmful chemical in it that would damage your hair. You will get plenty of options of hair extensions to choose from and that is also at affordable rates.
So without any hesitation visit their website and start shopping your favorite brands.



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